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About Landmark Landscapes

Landmark Landscapes is a family owned and operated full service residential and commercial landscaping enterprise. Founded on a passion to meld the beauty of nature with the science of horticulture, the entrepreneurial spirit of the Majerus family continues into its second generation of ownership/leadership.

This strong sense of family is extended to a growing team of professional associates and by extension to valued relationships with hundreds of our loyal and satisfied customers.

We believe that our role is to be trusted problem solvers in helping you achieve maximum visual impact, ecologically sound and practical landscape solutions that will add value to your property.


Certified Permeable Paving Experts

Our Philosophy Is:


The art of design, craft of construction and science of horticulture are the roots of our company's philosophy: Art through Ecology



The expression of human creative skill and imagination to producing works to be appreciated for their beauty



The science that studies the relationships of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings



We will leverage our considerable experience in solving landscaping challenges to provide our customers with an exceptionally satisfying experience.


We will use quality materials best suited for the project and apply industry best practices to provide our customers with a beautiful and long-lasting landscape.


We will deliver accurate, reliable and dependable service. We promise each customer complete satisfaction. Guaranteed.



We will continually grow as a company, a team and as individuals. Through teamwork, education, and empowerment we will increase the profitability of the company and the value of the Landmark Landscapes brand.


We will continue to be leaders of the landscaping industry; being out-front in our leadership, equipment, practices, community involvement, and sustainability efforts. We as a team will shape the future of our industry.


We will never stop pursuing perfection. We will measure success by how far we can exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers…in service, quality, and value.


Team Work.

Work together to achieve the greater goals of the team; know when to lead and when to follow.

Do Right.

Act with integrity; making good decisions knowing they will lead to the right outcomes.

Have Fun.

Enjoy your time with co-workers and the beauty that surrounds you – Life is what you make of it.

Be A Pro.

always carry yourself in a manner of professionalism as we each represent our trade and the Landmark brand in all that we do

Take Pride.

Take pride in all that you do. Develop your trade and always strive for excellence.

Be Safe.

The safety of our teams and our customers is ALWAYS the number one priority. Be committed to the safety of our teams and all those around you.



We support our local community and economy by sourcing locally and thinking globally. We help to reduce noise and air pollution and truck traffic in your community by offering neighborhood discounts on landscape maintenance services. Our landscape projects feature stone from local quarries and sources. We support local nursery growers and suppliers who share our concerns and promise towards ‘green’ solutions to the reduction of greenhouse gas, energy consumption and post-consumer waste. By using native plants in our designs, we reduce the need for fertilizers, and chemical pest and disease control products.  Native plants also provide support for beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.  We encourage commercial project managers and homeowners to replace turf with ornamental grasses, native perennials and other water and nutrient-wise alternatives.


At Landmark Landscapes’ we relish breathing new life into antique materials, utilizing and reclaimed stone, salvaged light fixtures and rescued lumber. Many of our projects highlight salvaged metro pavers form the streets of Sheboygan, reclaimed granite cobbles from the streets of Boston, hand-formed sandstone reservoir block from Ohio’s 1920’s CCC camps and stone pavers hand chiseled by prison labor form the 1930s. We focus on looking for creative and beautiful alternatives to ‘buying new’, and are always searching for our next inspiration.


Here at Landmark Landscapes’ headquarters we manage an intensive landscape materials recycling program. We compost much of the yard waste that is recovered from our client’s sites and use it to create soil amendments for gardens. Our crews collect and return all pots, baskets, flats and other planting containers so that the nurseries can reuse or recycle the plastics. By recycling our papers plastics and metals, we reduce the amount of unnecessary waste entering our landfills each year.

At Landmark Landscapes Inc. we’re committed to the social and ecological health of our community, and the planet. We strive for sustainable growth: we meet the needs of today’s generation without compromising future generation’s ability to meet their own needs.

About Landmark Landscapes

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