Perennial Garden with Multi-Season Interest

Wisconsin’s diverse climate presents an exciting challenge and opportunity for gardeners seeking to create landscapes that captivate the senses throughout the changing seasons. Designing a perennial garden that offers interest and beauty from spring through summer and into fall requires careful planning and consideration of the unique conditions of the region.

Spring: Bursting into Bloom

As the snow melts and temperatures begin to rise, Wisconsin gardens awaken with a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. Spring is the time to showcase early-blooming perennials such as daffodils, tulips, and bleeding hearts. These resilient plants burst forth with vibrant blooms, signaling the arrival of warmer days ahead. Consider complementing these spring stars with ephemeral beauties like lungwort.

Summer: Sustained Splendor

As summer unfolds, Wisconsin gardens transition into a symphony of growth and abundance. This is the season to highlight long-blooming perennials such as black-eyed Susans, coneflowers, and daylilies. Their vibrant hues and prolific flowers provide a feast for the eyes and attract pollinators. Which ensures a lively and dynamic garden. Intersperse these stalwart performers with ornamental grasses and summer-blooming bulbs like alliums and lilies to add height, texture, and interest to your garden beds.

Fall: Fading into Elegance

As the days grow shorter and temperatures cool, Wisconsin gardens transform. Transitioning from the vibrancy of summer to the subdued elegance of fall. Embrace the beauty of autumn by incorporating late-blooming perennials such as asters, sedums, and ornamental kale. These resilient plants offer a final burst of color before the onset of winter. Providing a graceful farewell to the growing season. Pair them with foliage plants like ornamental cabbage, Japanese maples, and smoke bushes, whose rich hues of red, orange, and gold set the stage for a stunning autumn display.

Year-Round Interest: Creating Cohesion and Continuity

Designing a perennial garden with year-round interest requires more than just selecting plants that bloom at different times of the year. It’s about creating cohesion and continuity throughout the seasons. Weave together a tapestry of color, texture, and form that evolves and delights with each passing month. Consider incorporating evergreen shrubs and trees as anchor points to provide structure and form during the winter months. Install hardscape elements like paths, arbors, and seating areas to add visual interest and create focal points within the garden.

In Wisconsin, designing a perennial garden that offers interest and beauty throughout the spring, summer, and fall is a labor of love. It rewards the gardener with ever-changing landscapes and moments of natural wonder. By embracing the unique characteristics of the region and selecting plants thoughtfully, you can create a garden that enchants and inspires year-round. Landmark Landscapes award-winning designers can create gardens that will bring you joy throughout the year!

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