Landmark Landscapes Awarded WLCA Awards of Excellence

Landmark Landscapes is excited to announce that the organization received multiple Awards of Excellence from the Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA). “The Meadow,” on the shores of Elkhart Lake was awarded with a Gold Award of Excellence.  The “Woodland Playground at Camp Y-Koda” received a Silver Award of Excellence.

We are honored for this recognition and very happy for our team. Many contributed their talents to make these projects possible and successful. It is a privilege to be considered one of the top landscape firms in the state. It speaks to the commitment of our team and the vision of our owners, Jesse and Joe Majerus

The Meadow Project Receives Gold Award of Excellence

The Meadow was conceived as a wooded retreat, envisioned by our client for entertaining grandchildren and guests around a campfire, or as he phrased it, “having a weenie roast.” Despite the allure of the great outdoors, concerns about ticks prompted us to create a space that balances luxury with outdoor experience.

Situated on our clients’ expansive Elkhart Lake property, this project spans 1.5 acres of their 6-acre estate. Beyond serving as their wooded escape, the space doubles as a turf area for play, and parking during larger gatherings. Much of the property is vastly landscaped with large Dutch Wave-style garden beds, natural stone walls, walks, and a drive. The vision for this portion of the land was to transition from a developed space into the woods seamlessly. 

The east side of The Meadow unfolds into approximately 9,000 square feet of meticulously maintained turf. Along the perimeter of this green expanse, the area has been sown with Scottish Links and is mown intermittently at a taller length. Bordering the turf are ten half-circle plantings that feature Prairie Dropseed, Calamograstis, and Northwind Switchgrass. The north side is densely planted with Rudbeckia.  

Large groupings of Red Twig and Gray Twig Dogwood are planted along the south edge amongst the Scottish Links. The woods on the west side of this space feature numerous mature Aspen trees. The client expressed a fondness for them and requested that we enhance the Aspen forest by planting more. In response, we planted over 100 within the Scottish Links and the forest. Additionally, we introduced Swamp White Oak to complement the ones already existing in this area.

On the west end of the turf, a meandering natural stone path passes under a wooden arbor constructed within an antiqued, free-standing natural stone wall. This path leads to a figure-eight-shaped patio with seat walls enveloping a firepit encircled by natural stone. A stacked limestone base supports a perfect circle granite tabletop. The benches are relics from the original house that was on the property. 

The path and patio are constructed with Eden Flagstone, bordered by Graphite Limestone and Eden Edging Stone, and adorned with Kafka-carved granite seatwalls. The antiqued freestanding walls are also limestone. 

Flanking the patio and walkways are native plantings, including sedge, lobelia, ferns, and wild geranium

Our client is ecstatic about The Meadow, where memories are created in the woods under the stars, gathered around a fire, roasting weenies.

The Woodland Playground at Camp Y-Koda Receives Silver Award of Excellence

The Woodland Playground, initiated by Camp Y-Koda and its donors, aligns with its mission to promote environmental stewardship and enrich participants’ lives through hands-on education. It supports their vision to strengthen the community by connecting youth and families with valuable outdoor experiences. 

Camp Y-Koda’s leadership approached us without a specific request for the project but emphasized the need for a unique nature play space where kids could laugh, play, explore, and learn. We set out to deliver this. 

In the early stages of the design process, the challenge was to think like a kid. What would a five to ten-year-old child find stimulating? What can be taught amid play? And of heightened importance, how can this all be done with safety concerns in mind? 

Another challenge in designing and executing it was the commitment to using natural materials like stumps, rocks, and branches alongside traditional building and landscaping materials. The designers faced a final test when incorporating the overgrown woodland understory in the designated area of the camp for play space.

The resulting design included five main features: The Forest Floor is Lava, A Glacial Feature, Shelters, a Creative and Artistic Center, and the Discovery Ramp. Each feature entertains, stimulates, and educates children at play. 

The Forest Floor is Lava, featuring bridges, climbing elements, stumps, and, obstacles that enhance coordination and balance for exploration. It seamlessly transitions into the Glacial Feature, replicating Southeastern Wisconsin’s Moraines to playfully educate kids on the region’s natural geography.

Additional features include shelters, like a tree fort, Quonset Hut, and lean-to-shed, fostering imaginative play. The Creative and Artistic Center, featuring a Mud Kitchen and Natural Loom encourages pretending and creativity. The Discovery Ramp helps unlock the child’s inner engineer, teaching physics and science principles through navigating balls and water from high to low points. 

The Woodland Playground, driven by Camp Y-Koda’s mission, connects youth with nature. Successfully meeting budget constraints, we delivered a unique, educational, and safe play space, stimulating creativity and learning. 

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