Landmark Landscapes Celebrates Team Member’s Commitment and Dedication

As 2022 draws to a close, we want to celebrate the commitment and dedication of seven of our team members. These individuals all had Landmark Landscapes work anniversaries of at least five years this year. We are grateful for their service and the special talents they bring to our team and to our clients. We invite you to learn more about the landscape professionals that share their skills to help Landmark Landscapes provide, “Art Through Ecology for More Vibrant Communities.” 

Marshall Boll (10 Years) Maintenance Foreman

Marshall Boll has been with Landmark Landscapes for ten-plus years. In his time he has seen Landmark evolve into the company it is today. Interviewed over beers and a garden walk, a practice that has long since gone the way of the steam shovel. Marshall has witnessed and contributed to a lot of Landmark’s growth. 

Every organization needs at least one Swiss Army Knife and Marshall is just that for Landmark. He brings a plethora of talent and skills to the team. During growing season Marshall takes charge of turf applications. He is also a skilled arborist and an artistic pruner of trees and shrubs. 

However, where Marshall’s skills truly are put on display is when he is able to utilize his carpentry talent. The most shining example of this is the Whimiscal Play Structure he constructed for a client in Sheboygan Falls. This project presented Marshall with an opportunity to fully utilize his craftsmanship, creativity, and childlike imagination. 

Marshall shared that he appreciates being appreciated at Landmark. He said, “Landmark treats their employees very well. Our work doesn’t go unnoticed.” Marshall also is a believer in Landmark’s ethos of Art through Ecology. He enjoys the outdoors and being creative. Hence Landmark’s philosophy is consistent with how he strives to live his life. 

Furthermore, Marshall is a people person. His gregarious personality allows him to not only connect with the team. But he also is a great communicator with our clients. 

Married for 11 years. Marshall enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, a four-year-old and a seven-year-old boy. He enjoys coaching his son’s second-grade youth soccer team. He also hunts, pursuing deer and birds, primarily upland game.  

Angel Martinez (10 Years) Design Build Technician

Angel Martinez is one of Landmark Landscapes longest tenured employees. He’s also one of its most comical and approachable employees. Angel is a very talented stone mason. 

In 2020 Landmark won a Gold Award of Excellence from the National Association of Landscape Professionals for its Great Lake Garden in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Angel’s skilled craftsmanship on that project was a big reason for Landmark’s success. 

It has been echoed by others, and Angel is no different. He enjoys the family-like culture at Landmark Landscapes. He said, “They are good people (the Majerus family) to work for. It makes it fun to come to work.” 

As a stone mason, Angel appreciates the variety of projects he is able to work on. Patios, walkways, and walls are always different from project to project. This makes for an exciting challenge for him. 

Angel loves working outside in the fresh air. In his off time, he likes to spend time with his wife and three children – 2 girls and a boy. Like Angel, they all like to spend time together outside camping, swimming, and sightseeing. 

Jer Diedrich (6 Years) Maintenance Technician

Jer Diedrich, a Turf Maintenance Technician has been with Landmark Landscapes for six years. A popular employee and a solid veteran presence. Jer is known for his skill as a mowing equipment operator. And is proud of the trust Landmark Landscapes places in him to operate its first-rate mowing equipment. 

When asked what he most likes about his tenure at Landmark Jer did not hesitate to respond, “You get treated like a person.” Jer relayed that at other places he has worked, he sometimes felt like a machine or a piece of equipment. Not at Landmark. Many others when asked this question also relayed that they felt respected and appreciated. 

Jer went on to share that part of what makes Landmark a great place to work is the people he works with. Having good relationships with his co-workers is a difference-maker. Jer conveyed that he takes pride in doing a quality job and seeing the end result in his work. But it’s not just the job, it’s the people he works with that have motivated him to stick with Landmark for over six years. 

When not at work mowing turf Jer enjoys spending time with his wife and two young girls. He said that since coming to work for Landmark Landscapes his entire life has improved. He’s become financially stable, gotten married, and bought a house. 

Ryan Lindsley (6 Years) Garden Maintenance Supervisor

Ryan Lindsley, who has a Horticulture and Landscape Maintenance Associates Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) has been with Landmark Landscapes for six years. He was recruited in 2016 as a Turf Maintenance Technician after spending four years at one of the area’s premier golf courses. Ryan is affectionately known around Landmark as “Lazer.” This moniker is a tribute to his laser-tight stripes when mowing turf. 

Since joining Landmark Ryan has served in a number of roles as he has risen through the ranks. He has progressed from Turf Maintenance Supervisor to his current position of Garden Maintenance Supervisor. Working in our Gardening Division, Ryan enjoys the pace of the work and the opportunity to spend time in nature and develop an intimate relationship with the gardens at the properties we service. 

Ryan has committed to Landmark because he enjoys the people he works with and the camaraderie present within the organization. He also is grateful for Landmark’s dedication to continuing to invest in top-flight equipment and the growth of the company. 

When not at work Ryan is very much involved with his family. Ryan and his wife enjoy taking their two sons to Long Lake and spending time with both of their families. He grew up assisting on his uncle’s farm and still takes time to pitch in when he can. Hunting is very much woven into the Landmark fabric and Ryan is an integral part of that. A bow hunter, he very often comes to work with a story of trophy buck to share. 

Ryan Zagorski (5 Years) Account Manager

Ryan Zagorski joined Landmark Landscapes almost immediately after graduating from the University of Wisconsin River Falls where he studied Horticulture with a concentration in Landscape Design. As his college career was concluding he filled out an online application for a Landmark Landscapes job posting. Four hours later Joe Majerus gave him a call to discuss an opportunity. 

Ryan or Ziggy as he is known around Landmark is a tireless worker and an incredible part of our team. A skilled and talented designer that has been an integral part of the company’s growth phase. There is never a challenge too big for Ryan. His propensity to learn along with his innate creativity make him a star on the rise. 

In addition to his abilities as a landscape designer, Ryan has educated himself on the various codes and regulations regarding working around the areas inland lakes. This a valuable skill considering the number of projects Landmark undertakes on these cherished natural resources. 

As a prospective Landmark employee, Ryan was intrigued by the mystique that surrounded Landmark Landscapes and the quality of work that was being performed. Now five years into his tenure he is very much responsible for designing these unique and award-winning projects. He has played substantial roles in the design of our nationally award-winning projects: Great Lake Garden, Lake Country Garden, and Shoreland Cove

Passionate about his work Ryan is always fascinated by how people interact with the landscape. An important trait for a landscape designer. Furthermore, Ryan’s steady demeanor and friendly personality allow him to work well with our clients. This too is important to be successful in his role as an Account Manager. 

Ryan and his wife Chelsey recently welcomed the birth of their first child this fall, a boy. When not at work Ryan stays in shape and spends time outside golfing, hunting and fishing. 

Ryan Price (5 Years) General Manager

Ryan Price, a University of Minnesota graduate, joined Landmark Landscapes five years ago. The correlation between Landmark’s steady and consistent upward trajectory over the past five years and Ryan serving in a leadership position is not a coincidence. His business acumen, even-keeled demeanor, grace as an orator, and keen sense of humor have all contributed to the ongoing success of Landmark Landscapes. 

In 2017, after living and working in California for eight years, Ryan returned to the Kohler area where he was born and raised to be closer to family. He connected with his long-time friends Joe and Jessee Majerus. They had a need for a backup snow plow driver. Ryan accepted the opportunity thinking it may be a fun gig until he finds his next opportunity. 

In California, Ryan worked as a Resort Operations Manager for Vail Resorts. An opportunity that also allowed him to serve on a nationwide committee that supported ski resorts across the country. The Majerus brothers quickly understood that although Ryan was a talented snow plower operator, he could very much fill a void Landmark had in business administration. Hence, Ryan went to work building business systems and processes and improving the overall organization of the business. 

Over the past five years, Ryan has advanced from his Business Administration position to his current role as General Manager. During this time he stewarded the rollout of the software that Landmark uses to operate a now multi-million dollar business. He also oversaw the relocation to Landmark’s new headquarters at 300 Forest avenue in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Ryan is very much a respected leader, sometimes an organizational fireman, and the go-to person for just about any business-related question. 

Ryan enjoys working at Landmark because of the people he is surrounded by here. He is energized by his eclectic group of colleagues. He is proud of the incredible work that this organization produces. 

When not at work Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters ages five and seven. They enjoy the outdoors going camping, hiking, and playing on Wisconsin’s lakes. 

Chuck Fett (5 Years) Design Build Foreman/Grading Specialist

Chuck Fett came to the Landmark Landscapes team five years ago with a sense of curiosity and looking for an opportunity to share his unique skill set while finishing out his career. And Landmark is certainly happy he did so. 

What Chuck brings to the team is hard to replicate. Chuck is our grading specialist. A skill that he has been honing most of his life. His parents owned a grading business. Which meant Chuck first started operating heavy equipment when he was just 12 years old. Having someone of Chuck’s caliber and talent on our team places Landmark in a position of strength. Setting grades can be the difference between a successful project and one that might be significantly less successful. But Landmark’s need for an equipment operator goes far beyond grading. 

Chuck’s proficiency in operating equipment allows Landmark to tackle challenging projects. His skill and fearlessness in working on shoreland restoration projects are second to none. These types of projects often involve balancing on the edge of a bluff in an excavator surgically placing boulders used to retain the shore. Chuck relayed that once he gets going on a project he rarely takes breaks. He’s locked in and 100% focused on the task at hand. 

One may not think of an equipment operator in the same sense as a designer. However, if you’ve seen Chuck’s work, you’d likely think again. Having done this work for as long as he has one develops a sense of vision. Like a designer, Chuck relayed that he can see the project develop even before the equipment gets warmed up. Once behind the controls, like an artist, he works the earth to contour the appropriate shapes and grades. 

Given the nature of his work Chuck often works independently. He enjoys this aspect of his job. That said, he enjoys his teammates at Landmark. He thinks Landmark is made up of good people. 

In his free time, Chuck enjoys working around the yard. He stays active and really enjoys being outside, hunting, golfing, and boating. Chuck also likes to see live music, tour historical places, and spend time with friends and family. 

Interested in Becoming Part of the Landmark Team?

If you are inspired by the work of these seven gentlemen, we are always looking for talented landscape professionals. Contact us today to learn more about how you can start your career with Landmark Landscapes. 

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